Inventory in Collin County remains low and sales were down slightly from last February. However, we are noticing multiple offers on many of our listings. Home prices have gone up since last Febuary in most cities. Our advice if you are purchasing a home make sure that you are pre-approved, and ready to give you best offer up front. Listen to the advice of your realtor because they know what the market is doing.

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Valentines Day is about sharing your love. I would like to suggest that we don't just share our love with those closest to us but with everyone we come into contact with. Maybe then it will make our world just a little bit better. Even it is just for a day!

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Our website has attracted over 75 new visitors in the past couple of weeks looking to buy or lease homes. We don't usually get involved with leases but we can answer questions where needed. So if you have a question about real estate let us know.

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Roxanne DeBerry-I was asked about what changes are there for people getting mortgages. There really hasn't been much of a change in qualifying for a mortgage. There has just been changes to those who provide mortgages and additional paperwork that needs to be filled out by those getting a mortgage. I would suggest speaking to a mortgage professional about the recent changes. Call us if you need a great mortgage professional to speak to.

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Roxanne DeBerry Recently I was asked how the economy was going to effect real estate in the north Dallas and Collin County areas. First, we have been blessed with very good employment which is always good for real estate. As long as our state continues to attract companies to the area and new inhabitants, our market should be good for this next year. At present our biggest issue is inventory. We need more homes to offer to those who are interested in buying.

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This past week saw inventory of homes remaining low however activity increased significantly. In the 20 areas that The DeBerry Team works within approximately 421 homes went into "active option" and 106 homes went "pending" and 155 homes sold. All of the previous numbers were up significantly from a week previous. Mortgage rates remained stable. Buyers and Sellers are taking advantage of this market.

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Thank you for visiting our new website. We have lots of new free features for you and look forward to keeping in touch with you via our blog.

Roxanne and The DeBerry Team

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