This is a question that comes up with first time home buyers or investors looking to profit from buying and selling homes. The people we work with are those who are looking to start a family, downsize, increase the size of their home due to a growing family and a host of other reasons. People may want to move to a neighborhood where they have friends or to an area that has a school system they feel is better for their children. There is a host of reasons for purchasing a home and most that we work with, other than investors, are more concerned about the home itself, the location and if it will fit into their budget. 

Home ownership is a very personal decision. My husband and I lived in an apartment when we were very young. However, after a couple of years we decided we wanted to purchase a home so we could start a family. This was before I became a Realtor. We looked at an area that was building new construction homes and wasn't to far from our work and close to some of our friends. Unfortunately, they closed out sales in that area and we had to look a little further away from work and further away from our friends. However, the home we bought in this other area turned out to be a great decision. We formed more new friends with our wonderful neighbors. Sometimes things just workout. Our children were born while at this home and the decision that we made turned out to be the right one. Again, each of us has our own reasons for purchasing a home and my team and I know how important that is to our clients. 

Our goal is to work within the parameters of our clients wishes and then give them alternatives for them to consider. What do I mean by alternatives? A person may walk into a home and love the floor plan of the home but they don't like the paint job that was done to the interior. We may suggest that it doesn't cost much to have a room painted in whatever color they desire and for them to consider that before discounting the home. You might say, "that's silly!" However, by offering this information it allows them to consider it. We want our clients to be informed before they walk away from a home they might love. One of my agents worked with a first time home buyer and when they walked out into the backyard of a home they were previewing, the client said that the back yard was a little small. My agent asked him, do you like doing yard work? He said "no" not necessarily. In other words, we try to help people realize things they might not have taken into consideration. It may not change anything, but we want to help them think through their choices.

Owning a home is a big decision and I realize that. This is why, when people work with our team they get the information and support they need to make an informed decision. We are also homeowners and we would want the best information possible on one of our largest investments. 

Roxanne DeBerry


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