Looking for a charming and family-friendly neighborhood in McKinney? Look no further than Fountainview! This neighborhood is located just minutes from downtown McKinney and offers a variety of amenities, including

  • Beautiful homes: Fountainview is home to a variety of beautiful homes, from traditional to modern styles
  • Excellent schools: Fountainview is served by some of the best schools in the area, including McKinney ISD
  • Proximity to downtown McKinney: Fountainview is just minutes from downtown McKinney, where you can find shops, restaurants, and entertainment.
  • Abundant green space: Fountainview is home to several parks and green spaces, perfect for enjoying the outdoors

If you're looking for a great place to raise a family,…

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Is the residential real estate profession the right one for you? The statistics say this profession has the highest turnover than any other profession. Other stats say that only 20% of realtors do 80% of the business. The cost can be high to be a realtor since it is commissioned based and realtors only keep part of the commission that they earn. Why you may ask? Realtors have to pay their Broker’s based on a percentage basis or by other means, there are real estate fees, marketing fees, office rent if you have one, equipment if you are on your own or possibly paying the Broker for those types of things and if you are going to be good you have to be continually looking for new business by lots of methods which takes time, knowledge and money. At this point…

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Those who think they can time the market are playing a “fools’ game”. Did I just say that! Why would consumers think they can predict the economy? Is it the right time to buy the right piece of property, yes, or no? The answer is always “yes.” Timing is a fool’s game. You should always be looking to buy the right piece of real estate. By studying history of the market, it allows you to be informed about the current conditions compared to history and that is very important.

Let’s just look at some information from a recent chart that Gary Keller shared at the Mega Camp of Keller Williams Realty. The chart was for the period of 1990 to 2023. In 2006 the median price of a home reached $222,000 which was 21% above the then-trend line. Meanwhile in 2023…

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Searching for a home to purchase can be fun or it can be tiring and stressful based on what we have heard from those trying to purchase a home. During the Covid period we saw a lot of frustration with people trying to find a home and then having to compete with multiple offers and losing their bid to someone who went way over list price. What are we experiencing in today’s market?

The DeBerry Team of KW works with lots of buyers during the year and therefore we get a lot of input. This year so far, we have seen more inventory coming on but still way below what is necessary to keep prices in check. Therefore, those in certain price ranges seem to be having a more difficult time finding the home they desire than those in higher price ranges. Why? Because…

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In July, The DeBerry Team has been busy helping home buyers find pre-owned homes as well as new construction homes. July for us was very active in both putting resale homes on the market and helping buyers find the homes they desire. You may ask, what was July like for resale homes in Collin County?

Let’s first understand some of the dynamics in the market at this time. Inventory of resale homes are lower and prices are higher overall with increased interest rates. These things together put a damper on sales for resale homes. Sometimes even negative local news is a factor in both buying and selling decisions. To get the real scoop on the real estate market in your area, speak with a Realtor. Sellers’ may say it is good time to sell due to fewer homes…

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