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Here we are in December and wondering where did the year go? As we all get ready for the holidays things like this go through our heads. With that said, our team has been helping both buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. November stats for single family resale homes have shown what I have been talking about in previous posts. Demand is down from the past 2 1/2 years and inventory, interest rates have increased. This time of year is typical to see demand dropping and the interest rates has had some cooling effect as well. However, we are still selling homes. There was 621 single family resale homes closed in November in Collin County. In perspective that beats years 2011, 2010, 2008, and 2003. On average over the past 18 years the average for

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Really! Come on news, you need to check your historical information. Why do I say that? I read an article recently that said we are in the worst real estate market since the "great recession". My answer, "Bull!" Let me give you some facts using Collin County as an example. In October of 2022 closings were down from the previous year. However, if you look at our 20 year history the average amount of closings were about the same and in fact, if you take out the pandemic years the closings are almost right on their average number of closings for the month of October historically. That's a fact. Has the market changed from the pandemic years, yes it has. Thankfully it is returning to some sanity. What do I mean by that? The two plus years of the pandemic

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In every market there is pluses and minuses. For the past 2 and a half years the real estate market was abnormal due to the pandemic. Some of you may remember the 80's when interest rates were 18% or higher. Today that is not the case. During the pandemic home prices did escalate way beyond their norms and inventory of homes was at an all time low. What is different in both these areas today? Home prices are still elevated but seem to moving back to their normal increases. Yes, they are still elevated but like with all corrections they will adjust to the "new normal". Inventory has grown but is lagging behind the norm, that too will increase over time. The market will adjust but there shouldn't be any fear of selling or buying a home at this time. With

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This is a question that comes up with first time home buyers or investors looking to profit from buying and selling homes. The people we work with are those who are looking to start a family, downsize, increase the size of their home due to a growing family and a host of other reasons. People may want to move to a neighborhood where they have friends or to an area that has a school system they feel is better for their children. There is a host of reasons for purchasing a home and most that we work with, other than investors, are more concerned about the home itself, the location and if it will fit into their budget. 

Home ownership is a very personal decision. My husband and I lived in an apartment when we were very young. However, after a couple of

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Great Question! Let's just look back two months ago in the Collin County and North Dallas area. Supply was short, competition for homes was fierce, frustrations were high and disappointments happened all to frequently. Ask yourself, "what are the negatives today"? You might say that interest rates are higher but should that be a big disappointment when looking to purchase a home. Sure, it is a consideration. Today, a buyer for a home has much more choices and is not facing escalating home prices due to the shortage of homes. Are homes still priced higher than in the past yes they are. However, that is true year over year. 

Today our economy in Texas is still very strong and based on all the articles we read, I don't see that changing any time soon. If

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When it comes to deciding whether to sell your home takes in a lot of factors. For me and my husband we sold our last home about 6 years ago. It was a big decision for us and we knew we had a lot of work to get our home ready to receive the best offer on it. Of course, you may say the market was different back then, however, it really wasn't much different. My personal experience of selling our own home and helping people buy and sell homes over a long period of time has given me a unique perspective on the best ways to get homes sold and to get the best price when selling them. 

The preparation is key before putting homes on the market. Setting the right price is key to attracting the most amount of buyers in a certain price range. Once that is in

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My answer to the above headline, Bull!!. The sky is not falling! The market is changing but in real estate the market always goes through changes. Let's talk a little about what is causing the commotion about what people are now seeing or starting to see in the Collin County market for resale homes. First, lets look back a little bit over the past two years. Before ever going into the pandemic, housing supply in Texas was already not keeping up with demand. Then the pandemic hit. Wallah! As if by magic, people saw home prices escalating at a phenomenal rate. The shortage of inventory caused a feeding frenzy for the available homes and when that happens prices escalate. This competition between buyers led to multiple offers and offers way above list

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As I told people in May the market was changing. So what do I see right now in July? Much more inventory has come on the market in our area over the past two months and that is giving buyers a lot of choices. When buyer's have a lot of choices that means offers for homes will also change. Why? When sellers have more homes to compete with then to get their homes sold they will need to be more willing to look at offers that are not like those that came in two months ago. In fact, those offers have basically come to a halt. We might see a few offers come in slightly above list but most are now coming in at or below list price. Buyers are being told by their Realtors that they are not facing the kind of competition on each home as they were before, which

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In Collin County, no matter how you view it, it looks like we are seeing some changes. However, not as dramatic as they could be in the very near future. What do I mean? When you compare both resale homes and new home sales for like periods, in other words, April 2022 to April 2021 it may look as if the market is still on the upswing. However, when you go from January through April of this year you can see some trends going in the other direction. One of the things that we notice is that inventory seems to be lower in April of this year compared to April of last year. However, when we look at January through April of this year inventory is steadily climbing upwards and if this continues on the track it is on it will exceed last years inventory. The same

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How did we do in Collin County for single family homes sales? The DeBerry Team continues to monitor the market and to update the public as we receive information that may be of interest. The DeBerry Team of KW has been very busy this past quarter while dealing with the issue of low inventory of homes. Recently, we have had many of our past clients call us to assist them with the sale of their properties and all sold within a short amount of time. Our Buyer Specialists are working with many buyers, assisting them by finding the homes they desire and helping win their submitted offers. It has been challenging, to say the least, but we are getting the job done for those who need assistance. Let's move on to the stats in Collin County. 

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