Is the residential real estate profession the right one for you? The statistics say this profession has the highest turnover than any other profession. Other stats say that only 20% of realtors do 80% of the business. The cost can be high to be a realtor since it is commissioned based and realtors only keep part of the commission that they earn. Why you may ask? Realtors have to pay their Broker’s based on a percentage basis or by other means, there are real estate fees, marketing fees, office rent if you have one, equipment if you are on your own or possibly paying the Broker for those types of things and if you are going to be good you have to be continually looking for new business by lots of methods which takes time, knowledge and money. At this point you may be thinking, “why would anyone want to go into this profession?” Great question!

For me, I am passionate about helping people with their residential real estate needs. Getting started was the hard part but once I found how to use my strengths and capitalize on them, that allowed me to grow my business. Was it easy? No. However, like they say, if it was easy everyone would be doing it, right?  What’s my secret? Knowledge and experience. By gaining the knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice, I have gained the experience that allows me to provide the best service to those my team and I serve.  

Like many Realtors starting off, I probably thought I knew more than I did. You might ask “what was my first big mistake?” Not realizing that being a realtor is a “sales job”. This is one of the first mistakes many realtors make when going into this profession. They think it is a “service” job. You soon realize you can’t service people without the sales skills that will allow you to communicate effectively and provide the best experience to those you wish to serve. This takes training.

What do I mean by training? Number one on that list is “how to communicate effectively”. Knowing how to communicate effectively is extremely important. It is important to know how to ask questions and what to listen for when you receive a response. Why? To help those you serve to be able to make informed decisions. Every person has a different personality and a preferred communication style. By recognizing those traits, it allows a realtor to provide the right answers based on the specific personality of those they serve. Why am I bringing this up? Because the number 1 complaint about realtors is that they do not communicate with their customers effectively. Yes, that's correct #1!

Personally, my training started back in the 90’s when my Broker put me in a Mike Ferry training program. I learned so much that even today I am still participating in their training programs. By participating in these programs, it has allowed me to meet top agents across the country, participate in mastermind groups, listen to successful business people from many different industries about their struggles and achievements. I gained valuable knowledge through interviews and mastermind groups with top business people from many different industries about leadership, communication and the hurdles they went through to become successful. I firmly believe the knowledge we gain and the action we take on what we learn is the best way to be successful in real estate or for that matter in any other business. I speak with many people who ask about becoming a realtor and if you or someone you know wants to know more about this profession, have them give me a call at 214-676-8040.

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