Are you listening to the media or are you getting the facts from someone who can give you the straight scoop? You might say, yeah, but Realtors just want to sell you a home? First of all Realtors don't sell you a home, the seller does. The Realtor is contracted to service their client to help them buy or sell a home. I just want to get that out of the way. In this market at this time compared to September of this past year, I would say yes it is a good time to buy. Why? If you were wanting to buy in September or maybe even in October of this past year you may have had to bring a large sum of cash to the closing table. Today that is not the case. Yes, interest rates have risen. But how long would an extra $200 a month take to pay $50,000 off. I use that analogy because that is what people were bringing to the closing table last year or more! 

I am trying to show that it would of cost more this past year up front than what it costs you today. That is the good news. In fact, mortgage rates have slid down from December of 2022. If you were going to purchase a home last year and put it off waiting for things to come back to a more normal market then now is the time to consider purchasing a home. What else is happening that might be a positive sign to purchase? Seller's are more willing to negotiate than in the 3rd and early 4th quarter of last year. Buyers, now have more choices due to increased inventory. All of these point to a good reason to consider buying now. The best thing to do is consult a Realtor and ask them for advice. It doesn't cost a thing to get that information. Helping people with their buying and selling decisions is what we do. We have resources that we can put you in touch with to answer your questions on getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Markets change and when they do it is good to get reliable information from those who know. Need help, give me a call at 214-676-8040 Roxanne DeBerry with The DeBerry Team of KW. 

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