Some people just say I want to go look at homes in a certain area but never really have the criteria that matters most written down so they can evaluate the key things that will make their home choice the right one. You sort of picked an area, why? Because of it's location to your work, schools, shopping, parks and recreation or maybe family members.

Are you looking in the area that is going to give you the most bang for your buck? In other words is getting the most for your dollar really important? Are homes you are looking at meet that criteria? Is drive up appeal important? Is the looks of the neighborhood important? Is a new home more preferable than a pre-owned and why is it more important?

Are their going to be drawback to the home? On a busy street, located next to power lines, to many kids, not enough kids, to far from your church. These are just few that might come to mind. If your buying a pre-owned, how well was it kept up from an outside point of view. When you come you may be looking for a certain floor plan or the sizes of the rooms or the quantity may be of interest. Remember you can always paint a home so the colors there are not a big obstacle.

Again, how well does it show? Is the back yard what you want, big enough or to big? How do you want the kitchen, the master, the closets, the entertainment room, or other amenities you might like to have? Cabinet space is always important so make sure you check that out. Ask about the heater and air conditioning, water heater, stove top. Is it all electric and can gas be available if there is none? Who provides for the internet service in the area? How many choices will you have? Some areas may be dedicated to a certain provider.

Take time to write down these and other personal questions you may have and then get the answers to help you make a great decision. The more you think about this and then put things down on a list the quicker you can make decision on a home. If today's market that is a real asset. Happy Home Hunting!!

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