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As we go into this Thanksgiving holiday, we want to acknowledge all of those who have made our business possible. First, we want to thank all of my past clients because you have continued to use our services over and over again through many, many years. I couldn't be more "thankful" for all of you. Your continued support by referring clients to us from your family, friends and business associates has been the reason our team has grown over the years. Thank you!!! Next, I want to thank all those who never used our services in the past but found us via different methods and are now our present clients. We are so appreciative you that have chosen our team to assist you. Thank you all so much!! I now want to thank those who make our business possible. These

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Recently I was forwarded this information about storage units and thought it would be good to pass along to my audience. It has a lot of good information when considering to use storage units and the types that are available. If you just need extra space or  you are getting ready to sell your home and need storage this article is a great resource. Click on the link to get the needed information.
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My husband I have sold three homes and bought 4 over our lifetime. We know first hand the stress that comes with buying and selling a home personally. In fact, when I first started in real estate I worked with both buyers and sellers and for me personally I could see my clients stress and excitement at reaching their goals of either buyng a home, selling a home or both. As I learned more about the things that caused these stresses and what was needed in each of these unique transactions of either buying or selling, I made some adjustments to my business. Here are a the things I felt was necessary and the reasons I implemented them for the benefit or our clients. I decided that since each area of either buying or selling is so unique that I needed agents

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July in Texas is usually hot. In fact, both July and August is normally our hottest months. So let's see how the market was in Collin County in July-was it hot?!! Let's take a look at a few of the major areas in Collin County to get a sense of what is taking place. In Allen, resale "median resale home prices" were up 8.3% over July of 2017. "Median Days On Market" for resale homes also increased by 63.6%.  "Inventory" of resale homes also increased by 41.7%. Although, prices for resale homes in Allen increased, we saw both a reduction in Pending and Closed sales in July over July of 2017 . Frisco is a very dynamic market as well but we are seeing some changes there in July for resale homes. Frisco  resale "median resale home prices" were up 8.3% over July

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As many of you know our team continues to watch the market closely so that we can share our expertise to those who need our assistance in either buying or selling a home. This is part of our "More Than" approach that we bring to the public to assist them with one of their biggest financial decisions they will ever make. We track 5 cities in Collin County each month to see what the market is doing so we can react with the correct information to those who need that information to make decisions. Looking at the "Median" sales price and comparing April 2018 to April 2017, prices escalated but at a reduced amount over last April. McKinney was the only city that remained the same from April of 2017 compared to April 2018. All cities saw increased median days on

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Every month I put together information for the following cities in Collin County, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Wylie. I use these cities as a benchmark to see how the overall market is progressing as we go through the year and hopefully it helps home sellers and buyers get more information about the market in general. Comparing March of 2018 to March of 2017 there is some very distinctive things that have popped out at me. First and maybe to no surprise is that the Median Home Prices in all cities except Allen increased. Allen was lower this March than last year but not by much. This means that more homes under the median number was sold and that pulled down the median sales price number. Homes are continuing to sell fairly rapidly and the numbers

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As most of you know the Plano real estate market for resale homes is usually a busy one year after year. However, we started to see some changes starting to happen in the Plano market around mid 2017 and it seems to be continuing into the first of this year. Looking at January 2017 versus January 2018 here are some very interesting facts provided by the North Texas Real Estate Information System (MLS). The median sales price in January 2017 was $329,450 and starting in January 2018 it is $323,000. As you see prices have continued to move upward but not a huge amount. One of the significant things we noticed that in most areas the median days on market has increased. Plano is better off than some of the other cities but they too have seen a increase in this…
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I have been asked many times what the logo on my letterheads or my yard signs means? First it is the "More Than" Symbol >. Over the years from just being an individual realtor doing everything personally for my clients to now having Buyer Specialists and Listing Specialists and a support staff for both my clients and my agents might well define our motto "More Than"  However, that is not the reason for this motto or symbol. It is about what we do and why we do it. First and foremost we want our clients to have the best representation for their unique situation of either buying or selling a home. Along with that is having great communication with all those involved in the real estate transaction. This means that we put a lot of emphasis on those we work

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I always like to share what took place in Collin County over the past year and give you and idea of what we might expect in 2018. Remember, when reading this information that it does not pertain to your specific neighborhood. The only way to find out that information is to send me an email to with your name, home address, and your city. Let's look at the stats for 2017 in Collin County for "Single Family Pre-Owned homes. I am going to use "Median" numbers to illustrate different aspects of what took place. Here we go! Overall North Texas saw about a 5% increase in closed sales of all type of homes over 2016. However, when you look at the sale of pre-owned homes in for 2017 over 2016 there is some distinct differences. When you

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The numbers are in for the first 8 months for pre-owned homes in Collin County. Remember this is taking the whole county into consideration and may not be reflective of your personal city or neighborhood. Check with your realtor if you are interested in finding out more about statistics for your own neighborhood since those numbers can vary from area to area. I want to give you an explanation between two numbers realtors frequently use and how they are calculated. First is the Medium range and the second in the Averagerange.  

The median of a set of numbers is that number where half the numbers are lower and half the numbers are higher. In the case of real estate, that means that the median is the price where half the homes sold that month were cheaper,

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