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2015 was a very interesting year in Real Estate in 46 areas in and around Dallas. I know it was for "The DeBerry Team". I listed and sold over 92 homes this past year. Yes, that's right 92. My buyers agents closed another 67 transactions for a total of 159 closed transactions. I am not counting the leases we did since we don't usually that is not a primary business. I am very proud of how our team performed this year.

The market was very interesting because the dollar volume of real estate transactions went up considerably this past year from approximately 13,870,149,199.00 to 15,347,720,080.00, approximately a 10.7% increase in the sales volume this past year based on the 46 areas. Median Home Prices were up 7.3% however home sales or units sold were

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Over the past 40 years I have sold thousands of homes. No not one, not 50, not hundreds, but thousands. During this period of time I have sold in markets with low interest rates and extremely high interest rates and everything in between. I have sold in both buyers and seller markets over many years. So why does this matter? First, I do have a unique perspective of the market, buyers intentions, and of changing home values and the reasons for them. This all plays into how I formulate a value that will set the best price for my sellers home and that will attract the most possible amount of buyers for their property. I am one of the few Realtors that actually walks through a home before I do a listing presentation so that I can take notes on the condition,

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As we approach the beginning of a new year, many of us like to organize, sort and get rid of things that just add clutter to our life.    And many of us have multiple files of real estate papers for various transactions we have done throughout the years.   Some are current documents for recent transactions.  Some are for houses that you have long since sold.  And some may be for refinances of previous transactions.  Many of us tend to keep the entire package given to us at closing, which just take up space.   So the question is, what should you keep and is there anything you can get rid of?

As a title company closer, I personally have purchased, sold and refinanced many properties over the years.    I’ve had a tendency to just add each new closing

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I do not have a "crystal ball" when it comes to predicting where our real estate market will go in 2016 but I think I can make some educated guesses. First, let talk about what is happening now in the market. Prices in the Collin County-North Dallas area have seen 10% increases plus in some areas. Inventory of homes for sale has remained low and this is causing the price increases. Less homes to purchase, high demand and the market dynamics work as they always do, prices go up. Next, interest rates have been subdued which means they are favorable. This is the market that exist today. So what's next?

2016 will remain a very tight market for at least the first half of the year. It takes time to build inventory. If we don't build inventory of homes for

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3rd Quarter Statistics              
COLLIN COUNTY Single Family-All Price Ranges-Resale-All Sizes-All Ages (years)  
Median Figures 3 Bedroom       4 Bedrooms and Up    
Category Jul Aug Sep   Jul Aug Sep
Sales Price $217,000.00 $220,000.00 $216,000.00   $327,000.00 $322,500.00 $315,000.00
Original List Price $229,900.00 $225,000.00 $229,500.00   $349,000.00 $335,750.00 $349,250.00
Price Per Sq Ft $117.00 $116.00 $116.00   $113.00 $111.00 $112.00
Days On Market 9 7 8   13 14 20
% of Original Price 100.1% 100.0% 100.0%  
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People think realtors sometimes stretch the truth about renting versus buying based on mortgage rates vs rental rates. I have attached a link that explains what is happening in some major cities across the U.S. as well as the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Hope this explains why purchasing a home is a good idea.
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The information provided is from the North Texas Real Estate Information System. The figures provided are the median numbers for each category. Median means the middle number and not an average. This gives a more accurate picture of the various areas that are tracked. Here is the complete information:

2nd Quarter Statistics            
COLLIN COUNTY Single Family-All Price Ranges-Resale-All Sizes-All Ages (years)  
Median Figures 3 Bedroom       4 Bedrooms and Up    
Category Apr May Jun   Apr May Jun
Sales Price $219,900.00    $215,000.00    $225,000.00   $310,000.00   $335,100.00  $329,000.00
Original List Price
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I blogged not to long ago about the misconception of qualifying for a mortgage. I also wanted to let people know about first time home buyer assistance programs that might be able to assist people with a home purchase. I have provided a link to this information Of course you can always call us at 214-215-5106 and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for allowing "The DeBerry Team to be of service.
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Below are the 1st quarter statistics for 3 & 4 bedroom and plus statistics. This information was provided by North Texas Real Estate Information Systems. Remember these are stats for the whole of Collin County by month by many not reflect what is actually going on in your neighborhood or subdivision. If you require information on getting the value of your home, please call Roxanne DeBerry with "The DeBerry Team" of Keller Williams Realty. I hope you find this information beneficial.

1st Quarter Statistics              
COLLIN COUNTY Single Family-All Price Ranges-Resale-All Sizes-All Ages (years)  
Median Figures 3 Bedroom       4 Bedrooms and Up    
Category Jan Feb
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As a realtor I get this question frequently. First, it really depends on your personal situation. If you are a first time home buyer without a home to sell then the market may dictate your decision as well as interest rates. For those who have homes to sell then the market doesn't make as big a difference but interest rates may bear on your decision. Why doesn't the market matter for those who own homes. If the market is up then you will get a premium when you sell your home and when you go to purchase you will have to purchase at a premium as well. If the market is down then you may get less for your home but you will also pay less for the next one so the market doesn't play a big factor in the decision. However, mortgage rates may be a factor for you as…
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